Local Flavor: NY Distilleries

Here at Lakum, our favorite way to relax at the end of a hard day is by kicking back with a glass of quality bourbon, neat. on the rocks is fine too, if that’s your thing. And if you love brown liquor like we do, you might consider hosting your big day at the place where it all comes together. Distilleries and wineries are among the chicest places to get married right now, and what could be better than imbibing spirits made on-premises, surrounded by your favorite people? We rounded up a few of our local faves for your big day inspo.

Kings County Distillery:  An iconic distillery located in the heart of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, this spot (opened in 2010) became the first distillery to operate in the city post-Prohibition. Wedding guests can mingle over cocktails amid 2,500 open, airy square feet of copper stills and fermentation tanks, before heading upstairs to the 1,600-square-foot, exposed-brick barrel room, where a host of whiskies and bourbons are aged.

Tuthilltown Spirits: If you’re seeking an escape from the city, Tuthill House in Gardiner N.Y. offers picturesque views of the Shawangunkill River and the soothing flow of water as nature’s soundtrack to your special day. Specializing in small-batch spirit production, Tuthill distills some of the Hudson Valley’s most prized bourbon.

Brooklyn Winery:  Second only to our love of bourbon, wine carries some weight as our wedding beverage of choice. Located just off the Bedford L in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Winery is a uniquely chic space featuring their wines as a chic AF backdrop to any wedding day.  The space itself is decorated with reclaimed wood and hand-selected vintage adornments to be enjoyed while sipping your favorite blend.

City Winery: Located in SoHo’s Hudson Square, City Winery brands their modular space as a slice of “Urban wine country”.  Leaving the hustle and bustle of New York behind (kind of), the rustic interior, high ceilings and exposed wooden beams, all create an atmosphere in which your guests are transported to a world all their own.

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Lakum Loves: Katie Spencer

Our first installment of 'Lakum Loves,' where we feature the story of our brides and the who, what, when, where of their weddings. We're profiling the lovely Katie Spencer who wore our Monica bustier and Mae skirt for her picturesque wedding in the French countryside.

Where was your wedding? We were married on May 20th, 2017 in a small town in France called Saint-Brice, which is about 2 hours west of Paris.

Who was your florist? We used a local French florist named Freya, who lives nearby and grows all of her own flowers. She perfectly executed our vision for a fresh and colorful feel that also wouldn't overpower the natural beauty of the French countryside. My favorite thing about her was that when we told her we wanted large hoops of flowers and greenery to hang from the ceiling of our tent, she didn't flinch - she just figured out how to do it and made it happen. It looked great!

Tell us about your venue! We were married in my husband's family home. It's a bit in the middle of nowhere, but that's why it's so wonderful. Seeing all the people we love in a place so special to us was a magical feeling. Also inundating a small farming village in rural France with tons of Americans was pretty entertaining. 

Who did your make up? Charles Gillman did my makeup and Ciara Costenoble did my hair. They were a dream team and based out of Paris. 

Did you have a specialty cocktail? Yes! We focused on the wine and champagne (it was France, after all!), but later in the evening we had a couple of cocktail options - a Negroni, a Kir Royale and a Mezcal mojito.

Who was your wedding planner? Morgane More. She was based out of nearby Brittany.

If you could describe the vibe of your wedding in 5 words, what would they be? Fun, intimate, romantic, dreamy (for me at least), happy.

How would you describe your personal style? All over the place.

What was your vision for your wedding day? Elegant but relaxed. We had guests coming from very far away, so our biggest goal was to make sure they had a great time - delicious food, great wine and a picturesque location. To be able to celebrate our commitment surrounded by people we love was an amazing gift.  

What was your favorite moment? Seeing my husband for the first time when I walked down the aisle and hearing his sweet vows. Oh, and surprising everyone with fireworks later that night!

Meet Lakum

In a world that seems to increasingly cater to “princess brides” and cupcake silhouettes, there seems to be less and less space for brides who want to fly their “cool girl” flag.  You know the girl we mean. The one with that ‘je ne sais quoi’ who can stay out till the wee hours downtown and still show up to breakfast uptown looking fresh faced and effortless.  

Enter: Lakum.

Lakum is a brand whose mien is born of high-fashion roots and cultural inspiration; a brand tailored for brides who -- though they’re saying “I do” -- will never relinquish their sense of individuality.

As the brainchild of Sathya Balakumar and Heather Green, who established the brand after working in various sectors within high fashion, Lakum’s brand identity is focused on infusing heritage with modernity. Lakum's designs are known for their tailoring, exclusive embellishments, and unique fabrications.  And did we mention, their pieces are all 100% handmade in Brooklyn.